Thank you to everyone who came out to support our shelter for the 2016 3rd Annual Strut for Strays! And a huge THANK YOU to our volunteers!! We could not have held this event without you! Check out the pictures and results below!

Despite fears of bad weather, the 3rd Annual Strut for Strays! was a resounding success — over 80 registrants, and 70 that were actually able to compete on race day! Thanks to all of you and our generous sponsors, nearly $1500 was raised on behalf of our furry friends at the Franklin County Animal Shelter! It was a joy to watch so many smiling faces come in to the finish line, and we can’t wait to see you all again next year–and we’re planning for September/October next time.  🙂

The overall first place finisher was Steven Russell with a finish time of 20:31. Rebecca Brockway won our random drawing for one night’s lodging at the Comfort Inn, Wilton. The first place finishers in each category are as follows:

Wilson, Danielle      Individual Age 5-10 Years Old                      33:09:00
Eustis, Gabriel         Individual Age 11-19 Years Old                     36:19:00
Cronin, Jessica        Individual Age 20-40 Years Old, Female    24:45:00
Norris, Heman        Individual Age 20-40 Years Old, Male         21:10:00
Hardy, Karen           Individual Age 41-60 Years Old, Female     37:39:00
Richards, Earl          Individual Age 41-60 Years Old, Male         22:37:00
Forster, Theresa      Individual Age 60+ Years Old, Female        57:37:00
Russell, Steven        Individual Age 60+ Years Old, Male             20:31:00

And here are the final finishes by bib number:

2016 Strut for Strays! Finish List