The dogs shown in the photos below are available now (click on each picture to read their description); we've also created individual albums for each dog to help you get to know their personalities! Most of our dogs have been DNA tested, so we can state their breed background with confidence! When you adopt a dog from the Franklin County Animal Shelter you can expect a pet that has been spayed/neutered; tested for heartworm and earmites; vaccinated for rabies, canine distemper,  and bordatella (kennel cough); microchipped; treated for fleas and worms; and had their nails trimmed, a total value of $425 to $575.

Adoption Fees:

Puppies (under 6 months): $350
VIP Transport Puppies: $350 to $400

Juvenile Dogs (7 months to 1 year): $200

Adult Dogs (over 1 year): $175

​Senior Dogs (7 to 9 years): $100

Senior Dogs (10 years and over): Manager's Discretion


Please keep in mind, most of our animals come to us with very little information on what's happened to them before they arrived here. All of our dogs and cats are wonderful in their own unique way, but we can only attest to behavior we've witnessed during their stay here at the shelter. When adopting an animal from us, be sure to ask for advice on how best to introduce him/her to his/her new environment to ensure the health, happiness, and safety of your new pet and any existing pets you may have--and then follow that advice. With a little time, patience, and wisdom, every shelter animal has the potential to be a loyal fur-ever friend!