How does this cat/dog do with other cats/dogs/chickens/kids?

We wish we had an easy answer to that question, but the truth is most of our animals come to us with very little information on what's happened to them before they arrived here. All of our dogs and cats are wonderful in their own unique way, but we can only attest to behavior we've witnessed during their stay here at the shelter. When adopting an animal from us, be sure to ask for advice on how best to introduce him/her to his/her new environment to ensure the health, happiness, and safety of your new pet and any existing pets you may have--and then follow that advice. With a little time, patience, and wisdom, every shelter animal has the potential to be a loyal fur-ever friend!

What if things don’t work out after I take my pet home?
We will not charge a surrender fee if the adopted animal is brought back within the first 30 days after its adoption; however, the adoption fee is nonrefundable. We ask a $30 surrender fee for cats and a $50 surrender fee for dogs. Our acceptance of surrendered animals, even those adopted from our shelter, is dependent on our capacity levels at the time of the surrender request.

What is included in the adoption fee?
With your adoption fee you are not only getting a wonderful new companion, you are also getting a companion that has been tested for heartworm (dogs), feline leukemia and feline HIV (cats), ear mites, and ringworm; fixed; microchipped; dewormed and flea/tick treated; and brought up to date on all of its vaccines. 

What should I do if I find a lost or stray animal? 
You should contact your local Animal Control Officer. The officer will advise you regarding the best way to proceed. You can also give us a call at the shelter at 207/778-2638, so that we can check to see if the animal you found matches any of our lost pet reports. We discourage people from bringing animals to the shelter themselves. For your own and the stray animal’s safety, it's best to have Animal Control handle the animal's transportation to the shelter. If you have any more questions about this, please feel free to contact us!

Do I need a pet carrier to take my new pet home?
Yes and no. We require that everyone bring their newly adopted cat home in a carrier, but your newly adopted dog only needs to have a collar/harness and leash. If you don’t have a carrier, don’t worry: we sell cardboard carriers for only $6!

Can I surrender my pet to the shelter?
Our acceptance of surrendered animals, even those adopted from our shelter, is dependent on our capacity levels at the time of the surrender request. As room allows, we are able to accept pets from owners in our contracted towns who can no longer care for their pet. We do this by appointment only and each pet must pass a temperament test in order for us to accept him or her. We cannot accept pets who cannot be adopted by the average person because of aggressive or negative behaviors. We are not a rehabilitation facility and are not able to work extensively with pets to correct negative behaviors.

There is a $50 fee to surrender a dog and a $30 fee to surrender a cat. Feel free to give us a call at 207/778-2638 to discuss your options.

What should I do if I’ve lost my pet?
Don’t worry; we can help! Follow this link to fill out a Lost Report for your pet and we will be on the lookout! It’s also a good idea to contact your local Animal Control Officer, so they can help in your search as well. If you’ve seen your pet in the area but can’t seem to catch him, let us know, and we may be able to lend you a live trap to get your pet back!

How can I get my pet fixed inexpensively? 
If you live in one of our contracted towns, we offer vouchers for the spay/neuter of cats for $40, good at either Falls Road or Clearwater Veterinary Clinics. Drop by the shelter, and pick one up today! Click here for other spay/neuter options. 

Is the Franklin County Animal Shelter a no-kill shelter?
Yes, we are classified as a no-kill shelter. This means that we never euthanize animals due to a lack of space; however, animals too grievously sick or injured to recover or dogs whose temperament is irreparably aggressive are at times euthanized.

What is a microchip? Why should I get one for my pet?
Microchips are a safe and permanent way to identify your pet. A pet microchip is a small computer chip, about the size of a rice grain. The chip is easily injected between the animal’s shoulder blades. Having your pet microchipped greatly increases the chances of it being returned to you when lost. All pets should wear an ID tag with a contact number on it, but microchips are the best backup for a collar and visible ID tag.

Microchips are not GPS trackers. A pet’s geographic location cannot be tracked by a microchip. The chip must be scanned (at a vet’s office or shelter, for example), which will provide the scanner with owner contact information from a computer database. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date with the microchip company so you can be contacted if your pet escapes and is found and brought to a vet or shelter.

We will microchip your pet at the shelter by appointment for a nominal fee of $20 per pet, which includes chip registration in your name. Call us at 207/778-2638 to schedule your appointment today!