Here at the shelter, we offer a variety of pet-related services, including:

Nail Trims and Microchips

We hold monthly clinics in 3 locations (see the flyer posted above), providing $5 Pet Nail Trims as well as Microchip Implants and Frontline or Revolution  (depending on current supplies) doses for flea & tick prevention for $10 per service ($15 if your pet weighs more than 70 pounds), per pet. We also accept appointments here at the shelter to trim your pet's nails for $10 per pet, or microchip for $20 per pet. For more information about these clinics, or to schedule an appointment to have your pet's nails trimmed, or to microchip him/her, call us at 207/778-2638.

Rabies/Distemper Vaccination Clinics

Occasionally we will offer low-cost rabies and distemper vaccination clinics in our communities. Everyone is welcome regardless of whether you live in a contracted town. Follow our Facebook page or our blog to stay up-to-date on scheduled clinics.

Feline Spay/Neuter Vouchers

At our own cost, we are offering Feline Spay and Neuter vouchers for only $40 per cat to those who live in one of our contracted towns. Here’s how it works: Come to the Franklin County Animal Shelter and purchase a voucher with cash or card from either Falls Road Veterinary Clinic or Clearwater Veterinary Hospital. Once the voucher has been purchased, call the vet’s office to schedule the operation and be sure to mention your voucher. At the time of the appointment, the voucher will cover the entire cost of the operation. For more information, call us at 207/778-2638.

Barn Cat Adoption Program

Barn cats are working cats! If you have a rodent problem in your barn, a barn cat is just what you need! When you adopt a barn cat from our animal shelter it will have received all of the same treatments that every other cat receives. This means that it will be spayed or neutered, tested for diseases, rabies vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms. As an adopter of a barn cat you will be required to provide shelter away from high-traffic streets, daily food and water, veterinary care as needed, and a secure place to keep the cat for the first few weeks while it acclimates to the new environment. Barn cats fall into three categories:

  • Feral cats
  • Cats with litter box habits that make them unsuitable for the home
  • Cats who were outdoor cats prior to their surrender to the shelter and can’t adjust to living in a home

Adopting a barn cat can save the life of a cat who is out of other options.  There is no adoption fee  for barn cats; however, keep in mind that the care of a barn cat is still a responsibility that could last up to 20 years!

Surrendering Your Pet

We realize that sometimes despite an owner's best efforts, an animal may need to be re-homed. We are only able to accept animals from one of our contracted towns IF we have the space at the time of the surrender AND if we believe the animal could be successfully adopted from our shelter. Animals are accepted only by appointment and do require a surrender fee of $50 per dog, $30 per cat. Give us a call at 207/778-2638 to discuss your options.

Euthanasia and Cremation

​If your pet has recently passed away, or you think it may be time to have your old or ailing pet put to rest, we may be able to help you through this process. We provide euthanasia and cremation services to the public under certain circumstances. Please feel free to call us with any questions about this process and pricing at 207/778-2638.